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Bluewater BorderFest - COVID 19

**Updated January 31, 2022**

We are working with artist management and Lambton Public Health to ensure all attendees have a fantastic and safe experience at Bluewater BorderFest this June. At this time there are no restrictions on outdoor events.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tickets can be resold with the original ticket purchaser contacting to change the name and information on a ticket. The buyer and seller transaction is the responsibility of the original ticket purchaser and we urge both buyers and sellers to use caution, as they are responsible for any and all risks associated with 3rd person ticket buying and selling transactions.



An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any place where people gather. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. You assume all risks, hazards, and dangers arising from or relating in any way to the risk of contracting a communicable disease or illness—including, without limitation, exposure to COVID-19 or any other bacteria, virus, or other pathogen capable of causing a communicable disease or illness, whether that exposure occurs before, during, or after the event, and regardless of how caused or contracted—and you hereby waive any and all claims and potential claims against TicketScene, PM Entertainment Group Ltd., and the Event Organizer (as defined in our Purchase Policy)—and against any companies affiliated with TicketScene, PM Entertainment Group Ltd, or the Event Organizer—relating to such risks, hazards, and dangers.

In an effort to enable a safer live experience for all, there are safety initiatives which you (the ticket holder) will need to agree to accept and adopt in order to attend the event. Event Organizers, PM Entertainment Group Ltd., and Ticketscene Inc. do not assume liability; the ticket holder (You) agree to assume all risks involved. 


By continuing purchasing a ticket you agree to assume full liability for any risks incurred before, during and after the event and agree. The event will follow all municipal and provincial bylaws, rules and regulations, and they are subject to change without notice. All sales are final and tickets are nonrefundable. Refunds will only be allowed in limited circumstances, for a Cancelled, Postponed, or a Re-scheduled Event. You agree to follow all Public Health rules and regulations, and any changes to our Covid-19 policy or its rules and regulations. You agree that face masks are required when entering the gate, and it is encourage that you wear a face mask except when you are eating or drinking.


We look forward you having you in attendance with us at Bluewater BorderFest June 23 to 25, 2022.

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